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The Executive Collection by Baume & Mercier welcomes four new all variations of bracelets satin polished and brushed, complementing the existing models are only leather strap with crocodile.

Four new versions of its harmony and elegance of his return to the classic and timeless values of traditional watchmaking characteristic of higher Classima: 39 mm and 42 mm diameter cell, classic Roman numerals and timers, mechanical automatic movements - including some complications as a useful guide with the time zone or bi-sample energy reserve. These models have a wide range of excellent qualities as a brand for a watch line coated with a decoration, with hands in steel blue or partially reopened adorned case highlights the traditional institution of the components of movement that the inertia of the snail and adorned with reason , a Cotes de Geneva.

As with all watches Baume & Mercier's new steel with a modern interpretation of design and attention to smaller details. It symbolizes the quest for technical perfection and aesthetics, the Greek symbol phi, the icon of Baume & Mercier, as the hallmark of the Crown and Classima executives.
In 2009, Baume & Mercier has created four new watches all the steel in order to participate in its famous collection Classima executives.

The new watches reflect the classic and timeless values of traditional watchmaking. They are characterized by harmony and elegance.

Steel boxes when the new government Classima Clock is 39 mm or 42 mm in diameter. The watches come in bright and satin ribbon of steel, while the models created in the collection will be presented exclusively with the leather strap of crocodile.

The face of Baume & Mercier watches are adorned with a decorative coating line. The time is through the hands graceful blue steel indicated. The surface finish with classic Roman numerals and hour markers.

The face of one of four clocks, you can see the balance in motion through a special selection of opening at number 12

Classima guarantee accurate clocks in the time that are motivated by automatic mechanical movement measurement.

One of the four models are equipped with an automatic movement that the time zone and features dual display of power reserve. The other three clocks based on new functions through a small window of 3 hours.

When partially open back reveals the beauty of the movements of evidence demonstrating the traditional style with the screw and inertia decorated with Côtes de Genève decorated.

New Baume & Mercier Executives Steel Watch, reviewed by interprets contemporary design, with attention to detail.

As a symbol of technical perfection and aesthetics, the Greek phi symbol, the emblem of the brand, is described in the crown and the connection of 12 hours.

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